Property Management

Thompson Real Estate treats your investment property as if it were our own. Thompson Real Estate ensures that you make the right sales decision and get a good selling price by actively keeping the property in great condition. Our goal is to manage your properties and help make an incredible real estate portfolio for you.
In addition, our property management staff can manages all rental agreements, rent collecting, move-in and move-out procedures, and evictions if needed. Or, we can simply assist you in finding good tenants and placing them as soon as possible to keep your rent payments coming in consistently
Thompson Real Estate values technology as well as a personalized but methodical approach. Transparency in the management of your investment is offered, as is frequent and well-recorded property inspections, fast and effective rent collection, and reasonable assistance when dealing with any issues that emerge during a lease. Thompson’s knowledge, expertise, and ongoing attention will provide the best possible outcomes for your property. Please contact us to discuss property management services that we may help you with.

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